Purification Program Completed!

DONE! 21 days of no gluten, sugar, eggs, nuts, soy, corn, dairy, & alcohol… all done! 🙂

I’m surprised how quickly the past 3 weeks have went & I’m excited to share with you all my results. For the past 21 days, I have been doing the Purification Program by Standard Process, recommended by my nutritionist. I really looked at these past 3 weeks as a way to take care of my body & pamper it, rather than a strict horrible 3 weeks of not eating good food. To my surprise, it actually was a lot easier than I thought. Meal prepping roasted veggies for the week was super easy, I learned how to cook & eat new veggies that I never liked before, & I have tuned into my body a lot more of what exactly I am craving.

Here are my results:

  1. I have actually found myself CRAVING vegetables. Seriously. I have noticed my body actually really wanting vegetables, something I have never felt… or maybe just have never noticed before.
  2. I am WAY WAY WAY less bloated. In fact, I lost 1.5 inches off of my waist & noticed my pants kinda falling off. I just don’t have that uncomfortable bloating feeling anymore.
  3. My energy has been better. I still feel like it’s not at it’s absolute best… but I have to say it is noticeably better than it has been for almost the past year! That’s saying a lot.
  4. My appetite has changed, I’m not eating as much all the time.
  5. My skin is clearing up. Now, I don’t want to jinx myself because I do go through phases with my skin. One moment I think I’m clearing up & then the next thing I know, my face is inflamed & breaking out. Keeping my fingers crossed that maybe something I had stopped eating was a trigger.
  6. I lost 7 pounds. Now, losing weight was not my goal at all during this process, but after about a year & a half of trying to lose weight & never being successful… I am SO HAPPY to finally see the scale move.
  7. I feel great!

Overall, I would totally recommend this program. I feel like I really got a lot of crap out of my system & my body is loving me for it!

So… I am not done. Now, I start to reintroduce food slowly to see what may be triggering some of my negative symptoms or just making my Hypothyroid symptoms even worse. It’s going to be a long process. Actually, I won’t even be done reintroducing everything for almost a month! What I will be doing is reintroducing one food one day (today I reintroduced eggs, YUM!) & then cut it out again for the next 2 days & observe if I have any negative side effects. If nothing, then I move on to the next food! Pretty hopeful that this will help give me some answers.

I will for sure give an update once I am done reintroducing everything & I found out what exactly was making me feel so crappy. In the meantime, thanks for reading! If you want to know more about what exactly I did for this purification program, check out my blog when I first began the program here.


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