Running my First 5k


About a week ago, I ran for exactly 30 minutes & 54 seconds and DID NOT STOP. I ran a 5k aka 3.1 miles!!!!!

This is a huge accomplishment for me. As stated in previous blogs and instagram posts, I am not a runner. I have never liked running. My memories of running include throwing up after running a mile in middle or high school (but I did do that mile in 7 minutes, what what! LOL). I would avoid it at all costs. In college I have memories of friends asking me to “go for a run” & I would politely decline with some made up excuse while in reality, I just did not want to embarrass myself because I would be breathing ridiculously hard & not be able to run longer that 2 minutes. -__-

I am pretty sure the last time I tried to run more than a mile was back when I first started dating my partner in 2011 (shout out to us, celebrating 6 years this month!) & he took me to Green Lake for my first time & we decided to “go for a run.” Kid you not, about a quarter into our run I stopped, was breathing super heavy, & said I had cramps because I was about to start my period. We ended up walking pretty much the whole circle around Green Lake.

I did not have cramps. I just hated running.

Flashback to now, I just ran for 3.1 miles & it felt so GOOD. I still can’t believe I did it & I actually am planning to run another 5k in just a couple of weeks!

So… how did I go from the girl in 2011 making up cramps to avoid running to running a full-on 5k?

Goal-setting & they got an app fo’ dat!

Before the New Year in late December, I had set the goal of running a 5k & made myself commit. I went online & saw that the My Better Half Marathon had a 5k option & it would be in February. Plus, it was at Seward Park & since that’s close to my house, I didn’t have to get up extra early! I bought my registration for like $45 which basically meant, “Angela, you better get your ass in shape & run because you just spent $45 on this shit!”

I downloaded the app called Running & began the 5k training program. According to the app, I would be 5k ready in 7 weeks! Perfect timing for my 5k I just paid for! The app had me running 20-30 minute intervals, 3 times a week. That shit worked! At first, I was running for 1 minute & then walking for 1 minute for 30 minutes. It seemed super slow & super easy. Even my partner was a little skeptical & said I should just run. But, no! I wanted to trust the interval training & slowly work up my running endurance. By about the 4th week it had me running for 10 minutes at a time straight & I thought it would be rough but instead, I could easily do it! Before my 5k, the app had me running for about 30 minutes straight & I felt ready! It was amazing to see how my endurance built up over time with the training.

So, what now? I accomplished this goal & it felt so good. I’m actually thinking about doing a 10k next…. am I crazy? We’ll see!




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